What the F#$@ Does Dave Know About The Higgs Boson?

Though I am completely unqualified to say anything regarding physics, this hasn't deterred me at all; I have now written two pieces about the elusive Higgs Boson: the first was when I scored an exclusive interview with this rare and rather profane particle, and the second is a feature article in my friend's new magazine, which is called Lifewild Quarterly and which is billed as a "science, wildlife, and nature publication designed, written, and illustrated by folks who have no business talking about it in any professional quality"; I'll bet my high school physics teacher would be very proud of my endeavors . . . if I actually took physics in high school, which I didn't (paradoxically making me even better qualified to write for Lifewild than most of the other contributors).


Clarence said...

Patton Oswalt in a bit about W&M on one of his comedy albums: "My knowledge of science can be summed up in: Salt is salty."

Clarence said...

And I took Physics in high school. Lowest grade in the class.

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