Dave Suffers For the Children of the World!

I am usually pretty lame at soliciting charitable donations from the students for our annual holiday gift drive -- especially in comparison to some of the female English teachers, who get their kids to donate mad amounts of cash, usually by bribing them with the offer of home-made cookies or brownies for the class that gives the most money -- but I can't bake, nor am I sincere and emotional enough to get kids to donate through sheer rhetoric, so this year, in the spirit of Christmas, I offered this prize: the class that donated the most money would get to pelt me with water balloons from a close distance on a cold winter day . . . and that day was yesterday, and you never saw happier children, hurling water balloons at the man that assigns them essays, and I am sure the students were pleased that the ordeal was more painful than I imagined, because the balloons weren't terribly full (to insure they didn't break during transport) and so while some broke on impact and soaked me, others bounced off my head and body, and were thrown again and again, until they finally hit a spot with enough force to burst  . . . in the end, I suppose it was worth it, because I did raise more money than I usually do (but it still wasn't as much as the women . . . so just imagine how much the women would pull in if they offered to be bombarded by water balloons).


Clarence said...

There's a joke in there involving women, offering, pull, balloons, but you'll not hear such filth from me, nor would I want you considering how much money in donations could be garnered if the women teachers used their God-given balloons as incentive. Just terrible, Dave, and I'm a little ashamed of you!

zman said...

I thought there was a wet t-shirt contest joke to be made in there somewhere. At least we know better than to publish the photos.

Dave said...

i was going to make that joke, but then i thought it was implied. especially on a cold winter's day.

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