The Gastro-Inevitable

I thought this batch of jalapeno infused tequila I whipped up for Cinco de Mayo was fairly mild (and it was certainly milder than this first attempt) and while some folks at the party disagreed, people liked it enough to finish the bottle . . . which made me think I should step it up the next time-- I can't be making spicy tequila that people can actually consume without clutching their throats and spitting up mucous . . . the only problem is that my stomach thought the mild stuff was more than spicy enough, and no matter how good it tastes, your stomach still has to deal with it later . . . and my stomach is getting old and fed up with stupid shenanigans like that.


zman said...

You should treat your stomach to a prophylactic dose of CVS brand lansoprazole before eating or drinking spicy stuff, it's the only thing standing between me and nighttime acid reflux when I eat buffalo wings. Aging rocks.

Dave said...

lansoprazole sounds like a delicious italian cured meat.

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