These Just Might Be The Best Sentences of 2015

If you didn't keep up with Sentence of Dave this year, then shame on you, but you can redeem yourself before the New Year by reading these fifteen sentences that the panel has chosen as Dave's Best of 2015:

1) The Miracle of the Latch

2) The Miracle of the Mug

3) The Miracle on Winter Solstice

4) Best List of Things to Say to Your Kids

5) Best "How To" Sentence

6) Poem of the Year

7) Best Sentence About Cake

8) Of Laziness and Raccoons

9) Weirdest Hobby

10) Euphemism of the Year

11) The Most Idiotic Epic of the Year

12) The Most Ironic Moment of the Year

13) Cutest Sentence of the Year

14) Best Sentence About Frank Sinatra and Mean Girls

15) Symbolic Gesture of the Year.

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