Totally Hypothetical Situation

So a friend of a friend of a friend asked me about a situation-- and he said the situation is completely hypothetical and in no way, shape, or form based on any kind of reality: this friend of a friend of a friend wondered if a person wanted to line his back fence with large rocks, and he found a wonderful pile of large rocks at the park near his house, and most of them were below the tide line of the river . . . and suppose this person also had an old internal frame pack, and he (or she! it could be a she!) didn't mind destroying this pack while hauling the hypothetical rocks back home and suppose, every time this person took the dog for a walk, he went by the large pile and put a few large stones in the pack, until he had mined quite an enormous amount of rocks and put them along the fence, suppose this was the situation, then:

1) what is the legality of taking rocks from the park? . . . especially rocks that mainly reside below the tide line of the river?

2) how much damage could hauling large rocks in a backpack do to this hypothetical person's back and shoulders?

3) how much could the hypothetical rocks improve this hypothetical person's property value?

4) is this hypothetical person crazy?


zman said...

I have a friend who did this!! He built a rock wall around his property in (ironically) Stoneham, MA. He spent months collecting unwanted rocks throughout the North Shore, destroying the rear suspension of his Honda Prelude in the process. He then assembled the wall himself with much rebar and mortar. Everyone thought he was insane.

In response:

1. This probably isn't illegal per se but you don't want to get stopped by the cops. Your friend's friend's friend should take rocks from construction sites and other places where rocks are piled up to be discarded.

2. Depends on how sturdy this person is. A thick layer of shoulder hair would be an effective protective layer I think.

3. I think it will likely decrease the value. The next guy will have to get rid of all those goofy rocks.

4. Probably.

Dave said...

maybe i will go for it and make an entire wall, but i'm not getting any new tattoos. never a good idea.

Dave said...

and this has nothing to do with me. i totally misspoke in the above comment. maybe my friend's friend will build a rock wall.

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