Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood, and I Took the One With Traffic

While I am driving, I see a lot of folks running alongside major roads -- roads with heavy traffic and no sidewalks -- and usually these roads are adjacent to suburban developments: neighborhoods riddled with winding, low volume 25 mph. streets that would be perfectly safe and pleasant to jog on, and I always wonder why people choose to run on the highway instead of the alternative . . . and so if you are one of these people who run on the shoulder of a busy road, instead of opting for something more serene, can you please explain why?


Squeaky said...

Not that I live in one of those neighborhoods, but most only allow for a quick 2 mike run even with all those streets. So they are either stupid or need to run longer distances.

I've run on narrow NE roads where the speed limit is 35-45 mph. It's not the safest but the only way for me to run 8+ miles.

The really stupid people run with traffic which you should never do.

Dave said...

maybe if you need to get 8+ miles away, you should drive there.

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