They Blew Up the Chicken Man in Albuquerque Last Season

My wife and I finally finished Season 4 of Breaking Bad, and the parting shot of the poisonous Lily of the Valley plant in Walt's yard has finally convinced me that Bryan Cranston's no longer playing a cancer-ridden, drug dealing version of the snide and mild-mannered dad from Malcolm in the middle . . . he's a bad dude, perhaps morally worse than Nancy Botwin of Weeds . . . but I'm still rooting for him, perhaps because he started out as a high school teacher and he gives me inspiration on how I might be able to escape the clutches of the bell schedule.


zman said...

It takes massive, massive unionized balls to bemoan "the clutches of the bell schedule" while enjoying a summer-long vacation.

Dave said...

sometimes, when i'm sitting on the beach, i can still hear the echo of the bell . . . it's traumatic, i tell you, traumatic.

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