Plumbing The Depths of Irony

So if you find yourself at the Plumbing Supply Store (because Home Depot doesn't carry any parts for one piece toilets) and you ask for a gasket and flapper for an American Standard toilet and the old man behind the counter asks, "Which one?" and you say, "Aren't they all the same . . . I mean, they're called American Standard," then you are setting the old man up for some excellent plumbing humor, as I found out when he said, "That's what they call themselves, but they don't mean it . . . did you bring the broken parts?" and I had to admit-- sheepishly-- that I did not, and the actual plumbers behind me in line were all laughing now at my naivete in trusting a brand name . . . but the old guy did come through in the clutch, with the right part, and now we have a working toilet again, but it has cost me my plumbing innocence and my faith in advertising.


Anonymous said...

That salesman is a genius for getting you the right part. American Standard has a HUGE repair parts catalog of parts to fix a toilet. If you count this as a "Croc" like miracle, I'm thinking saithhood is right around the corner for you.

Dave said...

okay-- that is ridiculous! standard!

i forgot you worked for "american standard" and have firsthand knowledge of the misrepresentation of their brand name.

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