I Seek Wisdom From the Crowd

Several years ago, my friend Whitney and I  laid an interesting wager on a game of darts-- this was very late at night and after many beers-- and the bet was this: the winner could make the loser wear any t-shirt he chose for one day of the OBFT (as long as this t-shirt was not horribly profane, as we spend a long portion of each day at the wrap around bar in a family seafood joint) and I won the game of darts, but I have yet to "collect" on this bet, as I've never determined what t-shirt I want Whitney to wear . . . and I kind of like holding the possibility that I might show up with a ridiculous t-shirt over his head each year, but I feel it's time for Whitney to pay up and so I am going to take a page out of James Surowiecki's book The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economics, Societies, and Nations and see what you have to offer . . . so Internet, I call on your wisdom, give me an idea of how I can humiliate my friend in the form of a t-shirt.


zman said...

You could go with something blatantly humiliating like this:


Or something that, if you didn't know him, might be serious like this:


Or something that will erode his soul every second that he wears it, but to the rest of the world it will appear like a perfectly normal hipsterish tshirt like this:


rob said...

kinda like this one:


rob said...

or you could go anywhere with the whack job conservative theme:


rob said...

funny 'cause it's accurate:


Dave said...

hmm . . . some good possibilities. now i don't know if i should go for blatantly humiliating or something more subtle-- a shirt that is sort of normal but polemically opposite to igor's beliefs. thanks crowd!

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