Ergonomic Canine Generated Plectrum

My dog chewed on one of my guitar picks, and now it fits perfectly between my finger and thumb (which makes me wonder if I can train him to do this while I am at work-- I could run a cottage industry creating ergonomic plectrums-- and I know my dog has plenty of free time while I'm at work, as I closely observed him over Spring Break, and he's very unproductive during the workday . . . he basically lies in the sun and naps . . . and his Buffalo Blue dog food doesn't come cheap).


zman said...

We adopted two stray cats that previously survived off of whatever food they could catch or scavenge. Indoor life rendered them soft and fat so now they puke unless I feed them Blue Buffalo "limited ingredient duck and pea flavor" cat food. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only schmuck paying too much for pet food.

Dave said...

mmmmmm. limited duck and pea. those cats are living large.

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