Don't Beat Yourself Up . . . Blame It On Daylight Saving Time

Note to self: coupons don't work unless you take them out of your pocket and actually hand them to the cashier (and, of course, I made this mistake on Monday, the day after we all "sprung ahead," and so I am suing Daylight Saving Time for my financial loss . . . as there is some evidence that the hour time shift is to blame for just about everything iniquitous in the universe).


rob said...


Igor said...

This line of bitching is probably the weakest yet on SoD. Complaining about DST is either truly whiny or one of Dave's weakest satirical bits. What's next, griping about taxes in April? Gripping. Whining about not knowing the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day in May? Compelling. Barking about the summer solstice in June? Can't wait.

Remember the guy who did the interview with Matthew Clemmens? Bring him back.

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