6/21/10 It's a Girl!!

I think if my wife and I were to have another child (which we are NOT) and it was a girl, then a pretty name would be Vuvuzela.


Igor said...

Don't speak so emphatically about what will or will not happen in your future unless you have actually taken the precautionary steps to ensure that end.

Dave said...

good point there, mr. wilco fan.

Michelle said...

""What I've heard is that there were three fouls in the box, and all of which were against Slovenia players," U.S. coach Bob Bradley said."

I found the link!
-Michelle from your English class (sorry but I had to tell you since you are a soccer fanatic. And, that is not a good name for a daughter.)

Dave said...

thanks michelle.

how did you find this?

Tracy said...

If Marty and I had another child (also a big no on that front) it would be a boy. Vuvu might be nice. I love your blog!

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