If It's So Stupid, Then Why Did I Have A Nightmare?

Paranormal Activity is very Blair Witch and I will say this: it is scary-- it even made me a have a nightmare, but as a movie it's kind of repetitive and the characters are even more illogical than most archetypal horror movie characters (who are already highly illogical: I heard something growling upstairs, let's go check it out, without any sort of weapon, holding this camera . . .) and ends it ends predictably and rather lamely (unlike the The Blair Witch Project, which has one of the best endings in cinema history) so if you're in the mood to sit tensely, it's fine, but it's not going to leave you with much to think about: the Ouija boards out of five (I used Ouija Boards because I wanted to see if I could spell "Ouija" correctly and I did!)


Lecky said...

I watched in a hotel room by myself when I was on a work trip. Looking back now, it's a pretty silly movie, but when I turned the TV off that night I was petrified. I told a few friends about my cowering fear and people still break my balls once in a while about it

Dave said...

why did you watch that alone in a hotel room? i would have cried myself to sleep (but i'll still break your balls about it).

Lecky said...

I thought it was an adult film, vaginormal activity

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