Last Saturday Terry, Stacey, Mike and I attended the educational version of Woodstock-- the NJEA rally in Trenton-- and we are assuming that everyone and their brother will claim that they were there, but we were there and Stacey has the pictures to prove it; we took the train because we didn't want to be beholden to the NJEA bus schedule (and so we could drink-- we were hungry but elected to get beers instead of food for the train ride-- we assumed all the teachers on the train would be partying, but we were wrong, in fact, to our knowledge, we were the only teachers at the event to smuggle in alcohol-- beer for the train, and wine and Sprite in water bottles-- we were in Trenton, after all) and the event was packed . . . estimates range from 30,000 to 35,000 teachers, cops and firemen . . . and very well organized, plenty of Port-a-Johns and tons of great food . . . gyros and sausage and peppers and crab cakes and grilled burgers and dogs, which makes my culinary decision even more ridiculous, I was waiting in line to get a chicken gyro, which looked delicious, and I saw a lonely stand that was advertising "Pork Roll Sandwiches" and in a sudden burst of Jersey pride, I said, "This is New Jersey-- I'm getting pork roll" and I regretted it for the rest of the day, but maybe not so much as Terry regretted his conversation with some cab drivers: "Hey, are you guys African? No? Oh, Haitian . . . well you're better off here than there," and when asked to explain himself,  he claimed he wanted to "talk some World Cup" with them, but then got thrown off when they said they were from Haiti: what do you say to someone when they say thay are from Haiti?


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Who does not want to wear the ribbon?

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