So my boss asked me if I knew what "febrile" meant and I said, "feverish" and he said,"no, it means weak" and then a colleague agreed-- she said, "yeah, like feeble" and I took their word for it, although my one skill in life is that I can define nearly any word-- if I say a definition it's usually correct, and if I don't know the word then I know I don't know the word, but this was a clear example of Solomon Asch's experiments in social pressure-- all it took was two people agreeing to make me question my brain, but luckily, I had to look up the word "exiguous"-- which means diminutive-- and I remembered about "febrile" and so I looked it up and then I got to say the best three words in the English language: I WAS RIGHT!


rob said...

solomon asch can rest easy today. his life's work has been redeemed. and his picture made it on 'sentence of dave'.

Dave said...

the world is divided into two sections-- those that have been mentioned in a "sentence of dave" and those who have not.

Teej said...

Sadly, rob's pic also made it on SoD...so one demerit.

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