Shouldn't Canadian Geese Live in Canada?

I thought I was going for a relaxing bike ride on the towpath, and in some respects it was-- I saw lots of wildlife: a muskrat, a scarlet tanager, several goldfinches, a heron, and some turtles-- but also had a run in with several Canadian geese, their chicks have just hatched and their nests are right on the side of the path, so the adults-- in order to protect their young-- would block the path when I approached, and so I had to whip stones at them and shove my bike at them and hit them with sticks in order to get them out of the way . . . I saw one jogger do an about face and head back the way she came, her pleasant run truncated by an ornery bird.


zman said...

She probably ran away when she saw some lunatic throwing rocks and sticks at a gaggle of geese.

Dave said...

definitely possible, but i thought i was showing her the ropes.

Lecky said...

sounds like your ornithological skills from Tamarack have waned signficantly - too bad you didn't have a golf cart

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