Things I Learned at the Bar Last Night

Just because you're drinking beer, doesn't mean the learnin' stops . . . here's a very incomplete, completely abridged, and family friendly list of some of the subjects we tackled and analyzed outside at Pino's last night:

1) when women wear high heels, they've got to be careful of sewer grates;

2) dogs are also afraid of sewer grates, most likely because their paws could get stuck in the holes;

3) Connell's left shoulder contains enough hair to encase my entire body;

4) if someone leaves their glasses behind, it's really funny to take pictures with the glasses being used to clean out various orifices and send those pictures to the owner of the glasses, especially if the owner is Phil;

5) Alec has an idea for a comedy sketch that involves a guy who picks up women in bars and brings them home to his wife, but the twist is that he literally picks up the women . . . with his teeth, and carries them home-- like a cat bringing home a dead mouse-- and then drops the women in front of his wife-- the way a cat drops a dead mouse in front of its master-- and the guy's wife gets really annoyed with this behavior-- just as cat owners get annoyed when their pet is constantly bringing dead mice into the house . . . Alec was very passionate about this sketch idea and he made me promise to write it down, and now I've made good on this promise and so upon my deathbed, I will receive total consciousness.


Lecky said...

A great sketch would be a presser where someone asks Scaramucci what Trump's asshole tastes like - regret, self loathing or minor celebrity? "Mooch"'s head is WAY up there, he can get back to us on that."

All comedy has been supplanted by the White House. The Bannon line is probably the best quote ever.

Happy Friday "Merca!

Dave said...

i'll try to do some politics tomorrow

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