Chacos: Pros and Cons

The pros for Chacos sandals are numerous: they are simple, elegant, comfortable and nearly indestructible-- made with proprietary a lightweight rubber and polyurethane combination that is both stiff and resilient;

there is only one con . . . if you graze your wife's toe with the nearly indestructible stiff and resilient proprietary rubber and polyurethane sole of your Chaco sandal, you'll rip her toenail out, causing her great pain and suffering and you no end of grief.


zman said...

You need to start using a "reasons why grown men shouldn't wear sandals" tag because your sandal-related problems spawn myriad sentences and we should track them all.

Dave said...

i'm on vacation! and it's better than wearing crocs (although they wouldn't have crushed my wife's toenail)

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