Spiders and Snakes Oh My

My son Ian came home from the woods yesterday sporting two garter snake bites-- one on his hand and one on his finger, both fairly impressive and bloody, the teeth marks visible on his skin-- and not only did he catch two rather angry garter snakes, but he also nabbed a beautifully colored ring-necked snake (they are mildly venomous, but harmless to humans because their fangs face backwards and they have a very calm disposition) and in this regard my son is just like me, I loved catching snakes when I was a kid and couldn't get enough of stalking them; on the other hand, I'm not particularly fond of spiders, but my boys think they are peachy keen . . . while we were on vacation in Vermont, Alex chose to sleep in the basement of the house we rented, two floors away from the rest of us, and he even did this after we watched The Shining, and in the middle of the night, he said he woke up and felt something on his face, and it was a giant spider, so he killed it, and then went back to sleep, and I was astounded at this, that he had no nightmare, that he didn't come upstairs screaming, that he just shrugged it off as business as usual when you're sleeping in a basement in a cabin in the woods in Vermont.


zman said...

zson and I caught 6 salamanders this weekend including a massive spotted salamander. When we brought them inside zwoman acted like we let a Komodo dragon loose in the house.

rob said...

i would still be screaming if i woke to a giant spider on my face

Dave said...

wow! we really wanted to catch a spotted one but we never have. we looked in vermont, because apparently they live there.

on the third floor, i woke up occasionally to a roach crawling on my face, because we always ignored kenny's pleas to take out the trash.

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