False Advertising or Just Desserts?

When I pulled onto Woodbridge Avenue on my way home from work today, I noticed that the Honda CRV in front of me sported a vanity plate that read "QT JILL" and so when I passed the car, I glanced over-- because I wanted to check out this Jill and determine if she possessed enough cuteness to warrant a celebratory license plate-- but the driver was a middle-aged Indian man with a plaid shirt and thick glasses . . . I assume he's either abducted QT JILL, borrowed her car, or has an amazing sense of humor and dreamed up the best vanity plate prank ever.


zman said...

Or his name is Quinton Thomas Jill.

Dave said...

that's probably true. dammit.

Whitney said...

No way. QT on a license plate is always Cutie.

It's his daughter's new car that he is surprising her with today.

Or his sidepiece.

Dave said...

i'm going to get NRDE 1

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