A Snake to Bring on a Plane

Apparently, there are twenty-two species of snake found in New Jersey . . . and if you grab most of these critters, they'll probably bite you or leave some smelly oil on your hands (or both) but my son Ian caught a Northern ringneck snake yesterday and this is the snake for me-- the scales are totally smooth, the head is small, the colors are bright and beautiful, and this snake made no attempt to chomp any fingers . . . Ian let it go in the underbrush in our yard and I hope it hangs around (if these were the kind of snakes on the plane, the film would have been rated G and Samuel Jackson wouldn't have had to do all that swearing).


rob said...

'i am happy and blooming thrilled with all these mothercharmin' snakes on this mothercharmin' plane.'


rob said...

alternate script:

'i'm sick and fucking tired of all these motherfucking hairs on these motherfucking knuckles.'



zman said...

This is blatant one-upsmanship after my seven-salamanders-in-one-day outing.

Dave said...

ring necked snakes EAT salamanders, zman.

and those knuckle hairs are the secret ingredient in all my cooking.

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