POTUS Before and After Pics: Specious at best

Everyone loves POTUS before and after pics-- look how the job aged him!-- but I think we need to look at some pictures of regular people over an eight year span before we make any assumptions . . . we need to add a control to the experiment; I couldn't find any quick examples on the internet-- everything had to do with WeightWatchers-- and I can't use pictures of myself, since I'm a bit of an anomaly (I haven't aged a day in the last eight years-- Another time Macleod!) but I'm going to put a portfolio together soon and then we can decide if being president really ages you faster than working some other job.


zman said...

I renewed my passport in December and I can't believe how much my kids aged me, parenting them is just as hard as leading the free world (based on my old and new passport photos at least).

Catpell said...

see, this is what i'm talking about. i'm sure the president has a personal masseuse!

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