Quest for Frog

I was driving down Woodbridge Avenue Thursday afternoon, behind an ancient Honda Accord that sported three bumper stickers:

1) Don't Steal . . . The Government Hates Competition;

2) What If the Hokey Pokey Is What It's All About?

3) and a third bumper sticker, old and faded, that featured an anthropomorphized frog-- his arm raised and his green finger pointed philosophically into the air-- and next to the frog was a speech bubble with some text in it, but the text was rather small and very faded . . . and-- after briefly meditating upon the first two stickers-- I decided that it was imperative that I find out what the anthropomorphized frog was saying, as his amphibious mantra would not only unlock the personality of the person in the car, but would also offer a key to uniting the yin and yang of our anxious national partisan consciousness-- the first two bumper stickers were so different in tone, one whimsical and silly and the other cautionary and angry-- and the frog's words would resolve this paradox, a paradox lurking at the heart of our national culture and our polarized media; whatever the frog's sage advice would be the balance-- the golden mean-- between absurd vacuous humor and a healthy critical skepticism, between enjoying life's weird and possibly futile ride and being an active, informed citizen in a democracy . . . and so I crept closer and closer to the car, as close as I could possibly get . . . but--alas--I could not read the words that the philosophical frog was saying, and so I drove home, frustrated, and searched the internet but there were no fruitful results for "philosophical frog bumper sticker" and so, for the good of our collective mentality and for the good of our conflicted nation, I have invented his words of wisdom: Life is Short and Then You Croak.

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