I've Only Known Enrico Palazzo For 27 Years

Friday night my wife went out with some ladies, and the boys and I were left to our own devices; we decided on take-out burgers and film appreciation; I went with The Naked Gun, which streams on Netflix, and I was quite surprised by the year of its release-- 1988, because I had this false sense of nostalgia about this movie; I really thought I had watched when I was very young and very immature, and then continued to enjoy the repetition of the silly jokes during future viewings, but apparently I watched it when I was almost a full grown human (eighteen years old, but still very silly) and found it profoundly funny . . . and I still do: "it's Enrico Palazzo!"


rob said...

boy's? et tu, dave?

Whitney said...

You were still pretty young and incredibly immature.

And Rob, thank you for not making me have to be the grammar police. Dave is the worst punctuated English teacher I know.

Dave said...

wow . . . missed that one . . . but who else in the room has written a sentence every day for eight years straight? it's HARD work

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