How Many Tabs is Too Many?

Today is my wife's birthday-- Happy Birthday Cat!-- and while I'll preserve her feminine mystique and not reveal her exact age, I will say this: the other day she had over thirty tabs open on our Chrome browser . . . the number of tabs she had open was nearly equivalent to the years she's been alive on this planet . . . the tabs were miniscule, there were so many of them, and I've spoken to her about this before, but she wasn't very receptive to my criticism . . . in fact, it annoyed her (I guess if opening too many tabs on our web browser is your only irresponsible behavior, then you don't want to hear about it from me) but you can't complain about the computer running slow when you've got thirty-something tabs open, and so my rule of thumb is this: an adult should never have open more than half their age in tabs at any one time . . . right now, I have seven tabs open, which is exactly the right amount, here is the list:

1) Sentence of Dave;

2) The Host (2006 film) Wikipedia page;

3) is crack a narcotic - Google search;

4) Maple Bacon Caramel Crack - Pinterest;

5) Amazon: Gold Tone Acoustic Microbass;

6) woot electronics Gold Tone Fretless Acoustic Microbass;

7) Gheorghe the Blog.


zman said...

If I'm looking at multiple things for work I might have as many as 15-20 tabs open, but it makes me anxious to have so many small unlabeled tabs and I will delete some as soon as I don't need them. Otherwise I don't think I ever have more than five open. I might have a lot of tabs open on my phone's browser but you can't see how many you have open until you go to switch, so this doesn't induce any anxiety.

So I think the right answer is: there is no good reason to have more than five tabs open for recreational browsing, and while you can have myriad tabs open when browsing for work purposes you should always close a tab when you're done with it, and all bets are off when it comes to your phone.

Dave said...

okay, this is reasonable-- i will admit that my wife generally goes tab crazy when she's doing work, and she's explained this to me, but i still think it does crazy stuff to the computer . . .

i didn't realize you could have so many tabs open on a smart phone.

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