Dave Almost Does Something New and Different (Warning: This Sentence is Anti-Climactic)

Saturday night, in order to make my life even more entertaining, I used this Random Word Generator to generate three words (pear, ransom and rudder) and then I told everyone at dinner that I was going to use the random words seamlessly and fluidly during the course of the evening (we were headed to a birthday party) but I didn't tell my friends what the random words were, and then at the end of the night, they would have to guess what the words were . . . but then the party was so much fun that I actually talked to a lot of different people and completely forgot the plan; I will have to try this activity again at a less dynamic event.


Clarence said...

Worst sentence since the one where you said that the guy

Clarence said...

Also, if you can work a chisel, you can make some beans.

I used the RWG, too.

Dave said...

definitely a non-sentence, but it's building up to something big (maybe).

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