Who Knew There Was a Battery in My Grill?

For the past few months, my grill ignition lighter has been performing poorly, but last weekend -- serendipitously-- I ripped the cap off the ignition lighter button with the grill cover and was shocked to discover that there's a battery underneath the lighter button . . . and so I changed the battery, found the cap under the grill, screwed it back on, and now the ignition lighter works like a charm and my propane ignites instantaneously (and if you already knew there was a battery inside your grill ignition lighter, that you have to access by unscrewing the cap, because you read the grill manual cover-to-cover when you bought your grill, then I hope you contract a horrible skin rash).


Al DePantsdowno said...

I knew.

zman said...

I knew because I had to do the same thing two months ago at which point I exclaimed "everything I own takes batteries!" Even zson's training toilet has batteries (it plays music when pissed upon).

Dave said...

so everyone knows this, but no one told me. i'm calling conspiracy.

and zman, my children and i often discuss the shortcomings of batteries and the difficulty of storing electricity, because-- as you have noticed-- once you have kids, everything takes batteries.

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