Buttons vs. Touch Screen: A Logical Debate

My 5th Generation iPod Nano died the other day and I'm trying to make do with an iPod Touch-- which I know is an absurd statement, since an iPod touch is essentially a tiny computer and I should be counting my blessings that technology has advanced so far in such a short time (I've spent a great deal of my life using a Sony Walkman) but I can't stand the touch screen-- my fingers are too fat too accurately enter any information, and though my mother gave me a tiny turquoise jeweled stylus to aid me in poking at the screen, my wife made fun of me for it-- and so I'm solving my problem by going retro (slightly) and I am buying a 6th Generation iPod Nano, which still has the analog buttons and the wheel; in other words, if we're going to debate this topic, then I say: buttons! buttons and wheel all the way!


rob said...

this resembles a lincoln/douglas debate, in that dave is arguing something that was settled generations ago.

zman said...

A poorly executed touch screen is much worse than buttons. See, e.g., Ford Edge; Nook Color v1.0. The bigger problem is that new iPods only hold 64 GB of music so you have to constantly curate your collection. I rue the day my giant iPod classic dies.

C'est Moi said...

i have an 8 GB ipod, so yours is way bigger than mine. lots of curating.

Clarence said...

My 160GB iPod Classic died, and they discontinued the iPod classic. Tears were shed.

I think I am going to get a jury-rigged 240GB iPod off eBay.

My birthday is around the corner... in case you were wondering.

Dave said...

i was signed in as "c'est moi"? who the hell is that? weird.

i love the term jury-rigged.

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