The Time Is Now (For Michael Jackson Covers and Ghetto Goals)

There comes a time in every man's life when he must take all the scrap lumber from under the deck and nail it together in the form of a primitive soccer goal (which might be referred to as a "ghetto goal") but despite the flimsiness, a man must be proud of his handiwork . . . until it disintegrates into a heap; there also comes a time in every man's life when he must cover a Michael Jackson song, and include literal interpretations of the lyrics (in monologue form) between the verses . . . and while I understand that both of these pieces of "art" might be shoddy work, there is no time like the present (lyrics and more over at Gheorghe: The Blog).


zman said...

I'm surprised that you included a net in your ghetto goal, as a big soccer fan like you should know that nets are optional.

Dave said...

true -- i had the net from the previous goal i built, a PVC pipe goal -- and i really did an awful job building it, it was basically held together with duct tape, but once it collapsed, i salvaged the net and cut the scrap lumber to fit it . . . and though nets are optional, they are surprisingly useful (but also the ruin of american soccer).

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