A Word to the Wise about Mamoun's Falafel

The venerable and renowned Mamoun's Falafel opened a location in New Brunswick, and, while I must admit that their falafel sandwich is incredibly delicious and without compare, you should still be warned . . . when I asked for hot sauce, the Middle Eastern dude behind the counter said, "Let me give it to you on the side" but he did not say: "The sauce is really f*cking hot and I'm going to give you a very generous portion of it in a little styrofoam container, so that you think to yourself this sauce probably isn't very hot . . . if it was that hot, then they wouldn't give you so much of it, because you'd only need a little bit to spice your falafel" and so, following this erroneous logic, I liberally applied the sauce to my sandwich and by the time I finished, my eyes were full of tears and my nose was running profusely (but, of course, I did finish the sandwich, as it was very delicious, despite all the weeping).


Clarence said...

Elmore Leonard died. Please tell me you didn't just finish a book by him.

rhinolips said...

I like Jerusalem Pizza falafel but got the brown plague last time I went. Maybe this will be my new go to.

Dave said...

elmore leonard died? that's a literary loss of great magnitude, but i'm glad i'm not responsible. i am reading a book by a guy who is already dead.

RIP elmo! that dude entertained a LOT of people.

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