A Deceptive List

My wife found a CrossFit routine on-line, and while I know very little about the program, I have learned this: if you repeat this innocuous little list of exercises three times over in a short period of time (it takes me twenty minutes to complete) you will get very sweaty, pray to a higher power at least once, and be tired for the rest of the day . . . here is the list . . .

1) 10 jump lunges;

2) 10 burpees (a squat thrust with an included push-up);

3) 10 jump squats;

4) 20 sit ups;

5) 20 mountain climbers;

6) 20 calf raises;

7) 30 Russian twists;

8) 30 jumping jacks;

9) 30 high knees;

10) 1 minute plank.


Clarence said...

One jump lunge and I gotta believe I'll be hospitalized.

Dave said...

start slow, maybe with an eighth of a jump lunge.

zman said...

There's a 7 minute version of this that is better suited to folks like me and Clarence.

Clarence said...

Seven minute abs??? You can't do your abs in seven minutes!

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