Is This Genius or a Flaw?

We are coming to the end of the BBC series Top of the Lake and some bad stuff is going down in the New Zealand bush, but the show takes place in such a breathtaking setting -- snow-covered rocky mountains surrounding a deepwater mountain lake, that I'm often just looking at the scenery and thinking: I'd really like to go on vacation in New Zealand instead of being concerned for the people in peril on the show . . . and so I am wondering if this is a flaw in the show, or if it's done purposefully, in order to create some weird paradoxical friction in the audience, some detachment from the characters, some sensation of their puniness in the landscape.


rob said...

i would make a joke about bad stuff going down in new zealand bush, but that would be immature.

zman said...

That's exactly why I prefer to vacation in Brazil.

Dave said...

no poisonous creatures in the new zealand bush.

and, of course, the brazilian bush is usually deforested.

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