Horror and Meta-Horror All Wrapped Into One Movie

The Cabin in the Woods is the horror movie you've seen a million times before, except that it's not . . . so don't be fooled by the B+ actors and B+ plot . . . this movie turns out to be what The Hunger Games should have been; it's in the same satirical genre as Scream, but I liked it better, mainly because of two memorable scenes: one shows what happens when a confluence of elevators arrive at a particular floor-- a confluence of elevators full of an astounding bestiary-- and the other juxtaposes a celebration of technicians and hilly-billy zombie beatdown in a ironic cinematic kaleidoscope; nine mermen out of ten.


zman said...

Why is the merman so ugly?

Dave said...

you don't think a merman that ugly should be allowed to date a hot mermaid? you have no idea what mermaids think are attractive. plus, he's very rich.

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