Get It Straight

I'm not bald, I am balding-- it is true that I don't have as much hair on my head as I used to have, but I still have some hair . . . it's a process (also, I'm not old, I'm getting older).


rob said...

the use of 'straight' in this post suggests the author's subconscious struggle with his sexuality as the outward manifestations of his virility recede. not that there's anything wrong with that

zman said...

I think this is reflective of a different subconscious struggle involving an overheard conversation twixt students that went like this:

Student 1: "I have Mr. [Dave] for English class."
Student 2: "Is that the handsome guy?"
Student 1: "No, that's the old bald guy."

Dave said...

can't you be bald and handsome?

Clarence said...

You can be, but I'm not.

Dave said...

jack nicholson?

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