Things Start Making Sense

My work today is over at Gheorghe: The Blog-- and, unfortunately for those of you with limited patience for my rambling, it is more than one sentence long-- as I have written a rather existential essay about how my life is starting to resemble one of my favorite songs: "Once in a Lifetime" by The Talking Heads.


Igor said...

I have noticed some upticks in the Caring About Canada Counter. We need written justification.

And David Byrne living very, very briefly in Canada during his childhood doesn't count.

Dave said...

i didn't think i'd write a sentence for every caring about canada incident-- as i didn't write a sentence about every taco-- but i listened to a bunch of arcade fire after i learned they were from canada . . . and their album "the suburbs" sounds very american, and i also recently learned that leonard cohen is from canada.

Igor said...

Eating a taco is an objective feat. Caring about Canada is subjective and thus the need for quantifying the purported caring. Please continue to provide backstory, even if merely in the comments.

This seems perfect for you.

Dave said...

i care about those guys.

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