I Corrupt My Six Year Old Son

My son Ian wants in on the Taco Count-- and though I realize this is no way to encourage healthy eating habits, I can't proscribe him from the fun without being a total hypocrite-- and so I am keeping track of his taco consumption (which is impressive, he's now eating four tacos at a sitting-- two hard shell and two soft shell-- the same amount that my wife eats) but I am going to prorate his Count for both his weight (which is 1/4 of mine) and the time (three months instead of twelve) and so for each taco that he eats in the next three months, I will multiply it by four to compensate for his small size and then multiply again by four so that it is equivalent to a year of taco eating . . . so each taco he eats will count as sixteen 2011 Tacos . . . and he's already eaten eight tacos in October . . . so that's 128 pro-rated tacos for his annual count.


zman said...

I like the idea of pro-rated tacos. When and where did the salamander streak begin and what type of salamanders are involved? I may get a field guide to key out the salamander(s) on the side of my house.

rob said...

does a leftover ian taco count as 1/16 or 16x? i'm very confused.

Dave said...

you'd like to know where the salamander streak began anew . . . but it's our secret salamander spot, so if i told you, i'd have to kill you and feed you to the amphibians.

and i think they are red-backed salamanders although there are some with blue dots.

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