Frankly Sookie, I Don't Give A Fang

It's been a summer of True Blood, and while I love the show-- cheesiness and all-- I could care less about Sookie and Bill's tumultuous affair . . . in fact, besides Sookie's mind reading and one-off impression of how Bill says her name, I wouldn't mind if those two were eaten by werewolves . . . I'm much more interested in the minor characters, the sub-plots, the supernatural, and the satire . . . it reminds me of how I felt about Cheers when I was a kid, I was far more invested in the adventures of Norm, Cliff, Coach, Woody and Frasier than I was in Sam and Diane's love/hate relationship.


zman said...

When the show started Sookie couldn't avoid reading people's minds, but now she doesn't read minds for multiple episodes at a clip. Very weird. And why can't Jason read minds?

Dave said...

the same reason my brother can play piano and i can't.

zman said...

Because you're half a fairy?

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