Tetris to Impress

For the second time in my life, I have impressed my children: I completed the most difficult level (9.5) on Gameboy Tetris so the boys could witness the victory song of the "five fiddlers" and the Congratulatory Space Shuttle Launch; Alex was so moved by my performance that he said we should "write it on my gravestone when I die."


Michael said...

Since I can't watch any youtube videos at work, I proclaim that SOD is currently producing better material that G:TB. Discuss.

Dave said...

i am in the same boat, which is why i rarely put up youtube videos. when youtube is blocked at everyone's workplace, SoD will achieve global domination.

rob said...

this is almost always true, michael. but we welcome our loyal readers' input into the kind of content that would keep you coming back.

for example, we're working on a feature about dave's various tattoos. would that drive readership?

Michael said...

I think that G:TB needs more personalized stories. I want to feel like I know the authors behind G:TB personally, perhaps even like long-time college friends or drinking buddies. This keeps the audience interested in the author's points of views on topics that might otherwise be seen as mundane in an ocean of opinions on the internets, such as music and New Jersey dirty politics.

For example, what does "TJ" do and/or think about when he is forgoing his work day in lieu of a 3 hour drinking lunch at the local Irish pub? OR What does the typical weekend bender entail these days for Igor? OR Does TR have any good stories from the Korean massage parlor scene back when he as a real degenerate? OR Why does Zoltan talk such a big game for someone whose coolness clearly peaked during the spring of 1996?

The readers want to know. G:TB does not deliver. I want to know these authors personally, so that it doesn't seem as painful stomaching the drivel interspersed between the handful of insightful posts about sports and/or music.

Dave said...

i think i can deliver more personalized drivel-- i will do my best on g:tb.

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