Proud Parent

So Ian is taking art lessons from an artist up the street, and she's been quite impressed with his work-- he's the opposite of his older brother who would rather talk about his artistic visions, but can never work up the gumption and patience to render them well-- Ian is quiet and patient and methodical when he works, and he's willing to revise a line several times until he gets it exactly right; he also has the ability to look at a picture of something and draw it and capture it's essence-- when he draws a penguin, you know it's a penguin (and the same with a dolphin or a scorpion or whatever) and this makes me very Proud as a Parent, that my young son has some Talent, and maybe, if I am very lucky, he will go to a good Art School and really learn to draw and paint and also make abstract steel sculptures-- for the low, low price of 30 grand a year-- and become an Artist and live at home until he's thirty (or maybe forever, like Emily Dickinson).


Whitney said...

If Ian's talent really shines, he could get into Cooper Union (The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art) in the East Village. All students go for free, which makes getting accepted very difficult. My grandfather was the president there for the entirety of the 1970's, but he's no longer with us, so that won't help Ian. But there is at least one cheap option for "Pellicangelo."

T.J. said...

Eat more tacos.

Dave said...

perhaps we could exhume your grandfather so he could write a quick recommendation.

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