Whitney's Favorite Awkward Moment of Dave

Today we'll take a trip down memory lane and visit another Awkward Moment of Dave; this is Whitney's favorite and it took place in college . . . Whitney and I needed to volunteer for six hours of psychology testing in order to get credit for a Psych 102 class and it was coming down to the deadline so we signed up for what was available: an experiment for people who claimed to be "date anxious"; we convinced the professor that we were indeed "date anxious," which was probably true since neither of us really did much "dating," and as part of the experiment we actually went on "dates" with other "date anxious" folks and then filled out surveys about the experience; for our first "date" we picked up some underclassmen in Squirrel's little dirty car and our plan was to take them to the movies to see Harlem Nights-- which seemed to be an easy way to ensure that we wouldn't have to talk to the girls, which was important because we were both quite hungover from some serious partying the night before-- and it was extremely cold and the ground was covered with snow and ice, so we were all bundled up, Whitney driving, me sitting shotgun, the girls huddled in the back-- wondering about the two terse strangers that they were now at the mercy of-- and I must point out that sometime in the late night partying the night before, I had consumed a 7-11 microwave burrito, which I had doused with 7-11 chili and 7-11 jalapenos and 7-11 cheese, and I was having some stomach troubles and so I found it necessary to open my window and let some fresh air into the car, some very very cold fresh air, but also very very important fresh air, if this date was to continue without incident, but the girls in back took the brunt of the cold wind and yelled at me to shut the window, and Whitney turned and asked me what the hell I was doing and all I could think to say was: "Just wanted to check how cold it is out there."


Whitney said...

It was only later that Dave explained to me why it was so important to let some fresh air into the car. Let's face it, wanting to see how cold it was outside when he had just come from the cold outside was about the 50th least weird thing Dave had said to me that year.

The denouement of the story is not that we took the girls back to our respective fraternity house rooms and made sweet sweet love to them, but rather that we took them back to their upperclassmen dorm, dropped them off, and said goodnight. Date #2 we took two different girls to the College Delly for an innocuous pizza night. Date #3 we called the girls up and suggested that we tell the guy running the experiment that we had gone out on dates with them, taking the time to corroborate our stories. Wow... we were even too lazy to go on dates with girls that had been pre-arranged for us.

Danimal said...

why didn't you guys just date each other? anxiety be gone.

Dave said...

we really need to harness whitney's memory to solve global warming or protect the galaxy or something.

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