Pain Free? Ha!

If you are annoyed that I my last few posts have been reviews of movies and books and not the usual displays of my stupidity, I am sorry, but I haven't been on my normal peregrinations because I pulled my soleus muscle with ten minutes left of my last adult league soccer game-- this is after surviving two and a half months of coaching two teams, playing pick-up on Sundays, and playing Wednesday nights in the adult league-- so it's rather annoying that this little muscle chose the waning minutes of the semi-finals in which to snap (we were tied 1-1 when my soleus went "pop," but minutes before our youngest player pulled his hamstring and our star had to leave at the half to pick up his wife at the airport, so I was covering two for two slower and older players in the center, and after I went down the opposing team scored two goals and knocked us out . . . there's always next year, if this thing ever heals) and everyone has a different opinion on how to fix this muscle-- stretch it, don't stretch it, use it, lie in bed for a week, massage, don't touch it, be careful of your Achilles tendon, if your Achilles is taut don't worry about it-- but I'm trying some exercises from a book a friend recommended, called Pain Free by Pete Egoscu, but the weird thing is that I ordered the book before I got injured, simply because of my friend's description-- the stretches and exercises in it sounded helpful-- and the book arrived the day before my play-off game . . . like a postal premonition . . . very creepy . . . so I will be keeping a close on other omens and harbingers that appear in my mail.


zman said...

The best thing for a sore soleus muscle is for your wife to wait on you hand and foot. Cook for you, bathe you, massages, read you stories, take care of the kids, clean the house, feed you figs wrapped in prosciutto, fold your laundry, knit you a sweater, the whole nine yards.

Let me know if this works. If it does I might start playing soccer.

Igor said...

Dave would prefer to keep the knitting duties under his jurisdiction, thank you very much. He's still sore about when he let his grandmother borrow his sewing machine. Next thing you know, she's on a whirlwind quilting bee tour, and he's down one Singer 1120.

Dave said...

i am going nuts with this injury-- if i start knitting, kill me. i've gone from several hours of exercise a day to just a bit of lifting and swimming, and the residual hyperactivity has made me very energetic the rest of the day. the only cure is alcohol.

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