I Act In The Same Manner As My Six Year Old Son

I recently reported how my fanged son (he lost his two front teeth) gets distracted any time he sees a reflective surface because he is fascinated with his own image, and now I must inform you that I am equally narcissistic: mysteriously, we found Webcams in our classrooms last week, and once the neighboring teacher showed me how to use mine, I became obsessed with it: I used it to check my nose for boogers during class (always a concern of educators) and I used it to create "infinity" by pointing it at the monitor and then placed parts of my fingers and face in the infinite regression of screens and then, once the kids left, I took out my guitar, strapped it on, and pointed the camera in such a way that I could see my hands and my face, and then played for while, mesmerized by how my hands moved on the guitar's neck and how my facial expressions corresponded to what I was playing.


Squeaky said...

Tax dollars well spent.

Dave said...

are you talking about the webcam or my salary?

Squeaky said...

Webcam. And it sounds like you have two them.

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