Alex: 1 Dad: 0

While I was in the midst of one of my typical anti-Halloween diatribes, my wife sided with the boys and reminded me that I liked trick-or-treating for candy when I was a kid, and then Alex chimed in-- rather sagaciously for a six year old-- and told me something that I often forget:  "You weren't born a grown-up, Dad."


Lecky said...

you definitely hosted some great halloween parties, so I find this anti-halloween stance to be total bullsh*t. You're probably bitter because your olive costume doesn't fit anymore

C'est Moi said...

Why are you even discussing Halloween in August?

Dave said...

you can never start preparing too early. you'll see.

and my costumes were always a tongue in cheek ironic condemnation of halloween and other pagan holidays. right?

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