8/6/10 Larry David is Funny

Two throwaway bits from the first episode of Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm that I loved: 1) Larry calls the apricot a "low percentage fruit . . . only one in thirty is any good" 2) Larry is informed that the neighbors have been talking about recent burglaries in the neighborhood, and he is far more paranoid about talking to the neighbors than the robberies . . . "the burglars want your stuff and the neighbors want your time; I'd rather lose my stuff than my time."


d-train said...

just finished season 7 over the wkd...you have better episodes coming up - the swan episode, and the young lady's "rash"....exceptional stuff - a genius he is

obxguzalu said...

Awesome post!

Dave said...

we just watched the swan episode-- best line of the season, which i will reveal in a future sentence.

i should write more stupid political sentences-- they generate a lot of commentary.

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