8/2/10 This Won't Help What People Think Of New Jersey

My friend Bruce runs Kittyhawk Kites down on the Outer Banks, and he often teaches hang-gliding lessons at Jockey's Ridge, and this was his unfortunate experience with a Jersey guy a few weeks ago:  the guy was built well, he certainly worked out, but he was having trouble flying the glider (actually, a lighter touch works much better) and not getting half the distance the rest of his group was getting, so Bruce took him aside and gave him a few pointers, and then when the guy walked back over to his friend, and Bruce clearly heard him say: "Yeah, so that guy knows a lot about hang-gliding, but how much can he bench?"


Anonymous said...

don't mess with the manhood of a guy from Jersey

Greg said...

I'm pretty sure Bruce could wreck that guy.
Remember the old SNL sketch called "How Much You Bench?". It was a call-in/panel discussion where people would call the show and Chris Farley would answer, "Hello, how much you bench?" Hijinx would ensue.

d-train said...

yes - good stuff.
i think the guy pictured is "the situation's" cousin, "the predicament"

T.J. said...

But can that guy do live weather reports from the porch of the Martha Wood like Weave?

I. Don't. Think. So.

Dave said...

wow-- these are clever comments. i wish i could reply cleverly but obft has robbed me of that ability.

t.j.-- thanks for reminding me about the weather report!

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