My wife thinks we should spend some money on painting our house, but I think we should spend some money on a hollow-bodied guitar; my rationale is this: if we paint the house, our house will look nicer and then we will more likely be robbed . . . so its better for our house to look a bit moldy, but be full of cool stuff (but she's not buying it).


eric said...

I think you are more likely to get robbed by telling the world that you have a brand new hollow-body Gretsch in your home at 1482 Main Street in Lowland Park, NJ.

Dave said...

i was avoiding this part of the story. the gretsch is SO much cooler than a new paint job.

you can't tremelo a new paint job!

JMarino27 said...

I met your mother in law at ShopRite. I rang up groceries and we talked about mascarpone cheese. Good to see the blog still going strong.

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