Note to self: penicillin gives me a rash.


Esoderic said...

Note to self: do not shake Dave's hand today.

Al DePantsdowno said...

So let's see. Dave jumps into the freezing ocean water on Saturday. By Friday he is taking antibiotics. Coincidence? I think I'll pass on this great experience again next year.

Dave said...

actually, i was ON the anti-biotics before the plunge, but i skipped my doses over the weekend (alcohol and penicillin don't mix) and then when i took the last does i broke out in the rash, which was really itchy for two days.

now catherine has strep. successful polar plunge.

Whitney said...

Dr Nick Carr set out to do some medical myth-busting.

DR NICK CARR: When I was a young doctor, I found that whenever I prescribed antibiotics for someone, they always said to me, "Doctor, I can't have a drink "while I'm on these, can I?" It wasn't something they'd taught me in medical school. I had a good look in the books - couldn't find anything about it there. So I wondered, "Where does this story come from?" Well, the myth began at what used to be called the VD clinics - what are now known as the sexual health centres. The first true antibiotic was penicillin. It proved remarkably effective in curing some very nasty ailments. The problem was it didn't stop people having a few drinks and having more fun.

DR NORMAN ROTH, SEXUAL HEALTH PHYSICIAN: If they took alcohol while on penicillin, they might get frisky and pass on the disease before the penicillin could clear it up.

DR NICK CARR: So it's nothing to do with a real interaction between penicillin and alcohol?

DR NORMAN ROTH: Nothing to do with the pharmacology, no. It was a moral agenda to keep people under control.


DR NICK CARR: So dismiss the myth. There are plenty of reasons for being cautious about alcohol, but taking penicillin isn't one of them. In fact, it's OK to drink alcohol with nearly all antibiotics, though just a few might make you nauseous. So read the label carefully.

And so to our next myth, that spicy food can give you stomach ulcers. Well, in fact, ulcers are caused by a bacterial infection called Helicobacter pylori and by aspirin and some anti-inflammatories. So, in fact, diet is not to blame, though you might get a bit of indigestion or reflux.


DR NICK CARR: Spicy food is not a big hit with most kids, but anything that is sugary sweet is irresistible. And we've all heard that sugar turns kids into hyperactive maniacs. Or does it? Don't spray the camera! Rick, is it true eating too much sugar makes kids hyperactive?

DR RICK JARMAN, ROYAL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, MELBOURNE: The parents might think so. But all the studies done over the last 40 years suggest it's not the sugar per se that can aggravate hyperactivity. It may be the colourings and preservatives and maybe caffeine that's included with the sugar that can affect a small proportion of kids.


DR NICK CARR: A runny green nose: a lot of parents often ask me if this colour means their kids should be on antibiotics.

DR RICK JARMAN: We think over 90% of colds are caused by viruses and therefore antibiotics aren't necessary. A small proportion of kids have a persistent runny nose with green snot that drags on for several weeks that may have sinusitis associated with it. In those kids, antibiotics may be useful. But in general, no.


DR NICK CARR: And here's another worry that's close to men's hearts and minds. Tight undies. Not only because they can give you a wedgie, but also because allegedly, they raise the testicles too close to the body, increasing the temperature and so reducing sperm count and fertility. So the theory was that you needed to wear nice, loose boxers like these which keeps things swinging freely and coolly. Well, research has shown that it's not true. Even the tightest, most fashionable undies like these ones are OK. So it's a myth. Tight undies do not reduce fertility, even the ones with their automatic built-in wedgie. And those are just a few of the unnecessary anxieties I deal with in the surgery every week. And so remember, when it comes to your health, assumption is the great-great-grandmother of all stuff-ups.

Dave said...

thanks doc!

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