If it were possible to patent a party concept, our neighbors should patent this one: on New Year's Eve they had six or seven families over, all with youngish kids, and they set their clocks ahead so that all over their house, at 8 PM they would read midnight, and they recorded last year's ball drop in Times Square and put it on their TV (there was a moment when someone paused the countdown so that all the kids could get organized, but no one suspected a thing) and we convinced all the kids that it was WAY past their bedtime (in my opinion, this is even better subterfuge than Santa Claus) and so not only was it the first time my kids rang in the New Year (with noisemakers, lots of popping balloons, kiddie champagne, and plastic wrap to pop . . . the noise made me want to curl up into the fetal position under the piano) but I also managed to tie one on from 5 PM to 9 PM and pretend that I made it to New Year's as well . . . which I haven't done since we were in Bangkok seven years ago.


zoltan said...

That might be patentable as "a method of getting kids to bed early on new year's eve."

zoltan said...

And I'm nominally ashamed by my lack of knowledge regarding the developmental cycle of amphibians and the taxonomy associated therewith.

Dave said...

i love being able to dust off my "eft" knowledge-- it's rare anyone mentions the "eft." it's even rarer that the axolotl is mentioned, though it was in "war of the newts."

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