Tom McCarthy's novel Remainder is only worth reading if you like movies like Adaptation: on the surface the book is a compelling read, and it's hard to predict the twists and turns produced by the narrator's damaged mind, and it's got a great droll British sense of humor about it . . . but as you read it, you will start to wonder if the book is not actually about the events it delineates, but instead about fiction itself, and reading specifically, and this might ruin any enjoyment you get from the very strange story that the narrator tells about his mysterious incident and the large "settlement" that he receives because of it; I'll give it seven and a half million pounds out of a total of eight and a half million.


zoltan said...

I just started Nudge. Now I think too much about whether my decisions are my own or are the work of some perverse choice architect who makes me spend too much money on cheese and vodka.

Dave said...

i loved "nudge" for that reason. just finished "war witht he newts."

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