So here's what happens when you fish for compliments: the other day when I went to the doctor's office for a physical and some vaccinations, he noticed the gross skin flap growing above my eye, and before I knew it, I had agreed to let him stick a Novocaine needle in my eyelid and then snip off the flap, and the minor surgery went quite well-- minimal bleeding and hardly a bruise-- so the next morning, when I walked into the English office, I asked the teachers in there if they noticed anything different about my appearance (forgetting that I hadn't shaved for a few days and hadn't had time to wet my hair that morning and hadn't showered since the morning before) and my friend Stacy said, "Catherine kicked you out of the house and you slept in the car!" and someone else said, "You're growing a beard" and someone else said, "You're not combing your hair ever again" and after everyone had a good laugh at my expense, I had to point out that the skin flap was gone . . . and Stacy told me she felt bad for a moment after she said it, but then she remembered that one Friday when she was dressed a bit casually, I told her it looked like she was getting ready to do some work in a shed (or maybe I told her she looked like a mechanic, I can't remember) but once she remembered that, she didn't feel bad any longer.


Al DePantsdowno said...

Dave's skin flap is dead. Long live Dave's skin flap.

staceypants said...

You actually said I looked like a mechanic that worked in some sort of shed.

Dave said...

i'm going to miss the skin flap-- i often used it as a prop in class.

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